Canfora Sandals are handmade made on the island of Capri, using only 100% Italian materials. 

Famous for being Jackie Kennedys favourite sandal - designed for her in 1962. After hearing of the fine quality of Canfora sandals America’s notoriously fashion conscious First Lady asked that the shop be opened exclusively for her, at midnight, so that she could choose her sandals at leisure and in the utmost privacy. Jackie Kennedy’s request was satisfied, and as a result, Amedeo Canfora created the "K" model: a sandal as simple and chic as the female style icon who inspired it. "K" sandals have been included in every collection since and they are still one of the most popular of all the styles sold. Jackie returned on numerous occasions over the years purchasing yet more sandals by Canfora.   

Gold strap in super-soft calf leather

Triangle of interlacing gold metal rings 

Real rubber heel

100% Italian leather sole