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Inspired by a trip to Sicily where TK fell in love with the mosaics of Palermo and traditions the country is known for, she always kept in her mind the famous Cheetahs under the Palm, reminiscent of medieval Italy and the inspiring history this country holds.


Looooooving this!  Don't muck around if you love your cats....   Red Carpet with your sequin skirt or....

Team it with a bandeau, silk cami, ribbed singlet or skivvy and give it a rock 'n roll edge paired with our vegan leather pieces or luxury cool with an elegant pant.

This is one of the easiest pieces to style as it goes with anything from shorts, trousers or a wrap skirts with tie sandals or boots: you make the call!

Twist the front and wrap to tie at the back or knot it  at the front for a loose, Kaftan effect.

Easy fit One size garment. Amazing as a special gift!  Limited edition Collectors Item!

100% Viscose.

For more history lessons visit: https://www.academia.edu/7944281/Pictorial_evidence_from_medieval_Italy_of_cheetahs_and_caracals_and_their_use_in_hunting