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Unisex fragrances represent the changing rhythms of our city.  Drawing inspiration from the neighborhoods and communities across our diverse metropolis, blended high quality raw fragrances in unexpected combinations to create truly signature scents.



T R O U P E the sweet appeal of neroli and vanilla plus resinous Japanese cedarwood and cold leather to convey stillness, subtlety, and strength. Understated and worldly.


B R O O D combines the exotic heat of cardamom and saffron with rose absolute and woody Jatamansi. The result is a progressive take on ancient ceremonial fragrance.  Cultured and gritty.


C O V E Y blends creamy almond and Indian jasmine with zesty Mexican lime and herbal spearmint. The effect is clean, dignified, and entirely modern. Refreshing and distinctive.

S Q U A D remixes the classic pairing of leather and sandalwood with bright citrus, heady jasmine and peppered vanilla. The result is a cool, musky scent that explores the fluidity of tradition. New classic, familiar yet fresh.

L E G I O N blends the delicate perfume of fresh anise with warm ambery leather and dank oakmoss. Enhanced by a subtle suggestion of burnt sugar, this sweet and smoky blend conveys the bold balance between opposing forces and the harmony in difference. Bittersweet earth, complex and creamy.