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We are so excited to bring to you our favourite summer sandal!

Soon to be your favourite too :)

We are proud to be the exclusive New Zealand stockist of CANFORA - stunning handmade sandals from the Island of Capri.

They only use 100% Italian materials with so many other reasons to love:

  • Finer detailing
  • Hand stitching
  • Beautiful Italian metals & leather are exceptional!!!!
  • Since 1946
  • Jackie O fav

Read their story HERE  about how they became the best in their field.  A beautiful family story of truly impressive craftsmanship!!

TK has a pair herself!!

As told by CANFORA themselves....


We make our sandals in exactly the same way as Amedeo Canfora did, when he first opened the shop in 1946: starting with the sole, made with various layers of Italian leather.
Inside the sole, an iron arch support preserves form and consistency. The various layers are pressed and sewn together: this is the feature which distinguishes Canfora’s sandals from the other, Capri-style, sandals on the market, in which the sole is glued and not sewn together.
To see the difference, all you need to do is to look at the bottom of a pair of sandals: when they have been glued, stitches are only visible on the top of the sandals, in Canfora’s sandals, stitches can also be seen underneath.
At this stage, the sole is practically eternal: the sandals maintain their form and consistency for years and are even rain resistant.



Straps, in 100% Italian calf or goat skin are attached to the soles.
Canfora’s sandals can be embellished with various accessories and decorative items. In all cases, only the finest Italian costume jewelry is used, thus guaranteeing maximum longevity. For us, it is important that the decorations last as long as the leather parts of the sandal, so that our customers will be able to wear their sandals summer, after summer, after summer.

We only want the best for you at Knuefermann by TK and we know these arrrrrreeeee!!!! Talk about making every outfit super luxe & polished !!! Who's excited??!!! 

As pictured here the "K" Sandal, famous for being named after the first lady & style icon Jacki Kennedy who visited Canfora in 1962! The "K" sandals have been included in every collection since her visit and are still one of the most popular of all the styles sold - soon to be available in store. Read more..


We look forward to bringing you more summer looks and inspiration showcasing our sandal collection!!! Start getting summer ready noooooow with our

New In Styles!! 

Seen here our New

Kirsten Cami


Kirsten Cami - Knuefermann

You can buy Canfora Womens Sandals online or in store at:

Knuefermann by TK, 50 BROWN STREET, Ponsonby -

We can not wait to show them off to you all!!! xxx

Thank you CANFORA xx