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FashionNZ Designer Profile: Turet Knuefermann

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NZ Fashion Designer. Turet Knuefermann

There’s an alluring sophistication threaded through the designs of Turet Knuefermann, which has been evident since she first launched the Knuefermann brand in 2001 (at NZ Fashion Week).

More than two decades later, Turet continues delivering iconic contemporary designs, instantly recognisable for clean lines, elegance, and her innate eye for draping. The beauty of simplicity has always been part of Turet’s upbringing and her deep understanding and appreciation of this shine through in all aspects of her work.

It’s quite something to have evolved through more than 20 years of collections while retaining that original passion for excellence, exquisite design, and detail. Yet, here Turet is, still crafting considered pieces that are refined, stylish, and even more impressively comfortable. These three things don’t always align, yet this ‘wearability’ is of the utmost importance for Turet.

While many of her designs are sublimely elegant and lend themselves to evening and special occasion wear, there’s an underlying relaxed insouciance infused into the initial design process, which prevents the pieces from ever being too stiffly formal or unapproachable.

The result is timeless collectable pieces that encourage the most delightful freedom of expression.

FashioNZ finds out more about Turet’s cleverly understated approach to design and the art of creating clothing, which transcends seasons and trends.


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