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Palermo Prince

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Palermo Prince

☀️ Sun’s out !!!!!   

There’s more of that to come so maybe we can safely place our dreamy summer pieces in permanent prime position! 

 The showstopper to really put you in the mood for making you feel like summer has finally arrived  (also coming as a maxi slipdress  later on) was created through the innovative use of AI technology for the print development of the fabric.  Sicilian mosaics, oil paintings and tk's profound love for horses and art were the prompts.  The resulting imagery showcases a mesmerising foral - like effect and a unique collectors item that can be dressed up or down for formal events with black sequins & a blazer as easily as you can throw it on every summer day for feeling beautiful with it's old world hunting / luxury look digitally on printed  cotton.

…. Inspired by the story of the eagle and the raven.  Check out the shoots on our ig !

 On another very decadent note we have worked with a lovely local belt manufacturer to make that final touch that takes any plain outfit to looking polished and complete: now available we have the boyfriend belt in 3 colours.   Wear the choc with camel shorts and a white shirt…. Black on black …. Tan on absolutely anything …. Lift every casual summer look be it pants or shorts  or a dress with these.  You can totally justify getting them all because they are one size for waist or hip and then you are sorted  ( you just have to choose gold or silver buckle ) 🎉🥰 ….New goodies landing shortly watch this space ! 

Grab them online or in store and we will sort you out!

Start planning those summer catch ups there’s nothing like spending time with good friends and making memories 😍