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Black is back. In fact, it never left. It is the simplest, most flattering hue in your wardrobe and classic pieces in that hue work for every do, meeting, day time or night time event making getting ready that much easier. And we all want a bit of that.

Renowned Kiwi fashion designer, Turet Knufermann, has a long history of making classic wardrobe staples for women across New Zealand. Having opened New Zealand Fashion Week in 2018, the media shy designer has spent her time during the global pandemic, giving thought to what women need and has developed a capsule wardrobe that makes life a little easier.

“Ravenhue is designed for you. The bones of your wardrobe are those essential staples that go with almost anything, never go out of style and are enduringly chic. Ravenhue pieces are meant to be a blank canvas that you can layer on to. They are dependable and sometimes unremarkable, but a stylish woman understands that not every piece is supposed to be remarkable. Some items are just supposed to be reliable. These pieces transcend time, trends and travel. Ravenhue can go from day to night, season to season, and they can still be worn five years from now. Ravenhue should supersede any fads. These are the classics,” says Turet.

With a total of 38 items in the capsule covering dresses, pants, tops, jackets and eveningwear and in sizes from XS to XL, prices range from $25 to $650. Demonstrating the quality of the fabric used, the entire capsule can fit into an elegant travel bag hand made here in New Zealand, which is also part of the range.

“Our online shopping platforms have experienced huge growth since we went into that first lockdown and we have made so many learnings and advancements when it comes to our virtual customers. We’ve made new connections across the country and this range has been developed with every woman in mind.”

Available in store and online from the end of August, Turet will be arranging appointment only viewings during Fashion Week.