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Tk TIP: STOLEN FROM THE BOYS. Women's Suits and Blazers

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Tk TIP: STOLEN FROM THE BOYS. Women's Suits and Blazers

Your shortcut to easy chic!

French Women are known for looking chic, sharp and elegant with their refined sense of “good taste” and the ease with which they seem to pull off such a polished look.

The Suit is an essential part of the base wardrobe, and should be well cut and beautifully made. As a set, it’s the ultimate office look to stand your ground with the male counterpart, but worn separately the pant lends a nice masculine feel worn with a Jumper or Tshirt. The Blazer doubles as a jacket over a simple work dress or Maxi. Do we need to mention what a hot cocktail look worn with almost nothing underneath when you don’t want to turn up in a dress like everyone else?

Ultra Versatile, you will never go wrong with a pant that is cut just right for you like our Essential Slouch> or Tux Pant> and your choice of the Boyfriend Blazer> or Fitted Pentagon Blazer>.

Love Tk.

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