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Things to make you feel beautiful on Valentines Day

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Things to make you feel beautiful on Valentines Day

A few fresh pieces to spice up your tried and true basics and make you feel sunkissed and glorious are now in stock with more to come next week so watch this space.....

Our absolute favourite to beat the summer heat at the moment is our Canga with it's versatility to make it a skirt or a top that is easily layered with your favourite Caruso or light Jacket.  And now that you have had some summer sun, don't miss the limited edition Burnt henna pieces that easily bring freshness when teamed with neutrals like linens: the perfect combo & a must try!

We are also super excited to have received our latest ISHI shipment from Mexico:   beautifully hand made natural jewellery which is made to last with love.  Crafted with Natural stones and silk these are collectors items you will cherish forever and complete your summer look in the most special way! Check them out on our accessories page!

Have a lovely day off (hopefully) on Tuesday and enjoy this fantastic weather! The forecast is looking tip top!

xxxx tk & team





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