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Like it or not winter is here but to make it more bearable here are a few pieces to make it a little exciting to justify dashing out in the cold : The Francoise, a light yet warm easy throw on, makes it easy to brave the chill.  (*note we didn't make M & L sizes because the small covers these with it's oversized cut) 
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The jumpsuit, a one-piece garment that combines a top and trousers, has a rich and fascinating history in the world of fashion. It emerged as a practical and functional outfit during the early 20th century, primarily worn by pioneers in aviation and sports
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Beat the cold snap with our vegan tux pants which with their buttery soft comfortable warmth are selling fast, and if you're in need of a fresh snuggly for the season, grey & black have just landed to see you through! These are also great wrapped around your shoulders over a coat for ultra coziness & winter style.

 ....and if you're off to warmer waters we have a vast selection of light travel essentials with the Morocco silk skirt, Zulu Dresses, Silk Drawstring Pantsrib tanks and Caruso/Holiday & City Shirtdresses high on the hot hit list, not to mention our latest release of the Architecture Scarf in Denim Hues to pair with your whites and denims for your exotic summer getaway in style.

 Visit us to help you select the best fits and ideal packing solutions or shop online anytime.

Stay snug & well and we look forward to serving you! xxxx

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If you're feeling the nip in the air and aren't quite ready to concentrate on work yet come and check out our new sparkles and trench coats which have just landed in black!  When you've got a great trench on, what's underneath isn't so I...


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There’s an alluring sophistication threaded through the designs ofTuret Knuefermann, which has been evident since she first launched the Knuefermann brand in 2001 (at NZ Fashion Week).
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Get ready to rock out with these new arrivals! Our latest collection is inspired by the edgy energy of rock and roll.  From prints and statement pieces to versatile staples with a twist, there's something for everyone in this lineup including the Imagawa Mini now released as a limited edition in Midnight!

Featuring a mix of classic and contemporary styles, our new favourites offer a unique blend of edgy and feminine vibes. With a subtle nod to the trend, these pieces will have you feeling like rockstars.

But it's not just the style that sets these clothes apart. Each piece is designed with quality and comfort in mind, ensuring that they'll stand the test of time and feel great to wear. And with a range of sizes and styles available, there's something for every body type and personal taste.

So get ready to add some rock and roll edge to your wardrobe. These designs are sure to be your new favourites, and your daughters might be vying for them too :p

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We hope you've had a wonderful start to the year (how awesome is this weather?!) and whether you're back to the office, working from home or still off to New Years catch ups with friends, these brand new arrivals are guaranteed to put you in a good mood to start off the year with the ultimate in comfort and easy style.  

Our NEW! superfine lightweight Bobby Top in wetlook sequin is such a core basic to lift any look for day or evening, and the *it* Costa Shorts & Street Pant are made in an easy care slight stretch if you're sitting for hours and want a wash & wear polished pant: this is THE one!

If you havn't tried the Jet Jumpsuit and Bomber (hope we only need this in the evenings) these are also pieces you never realised you would feel so good in and go anywhere making you feel amazing.

We look forward to continuing to provide you with items that you can build on and wear for many years to come and look forward to looking after you in 2023!


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Sophisticated, elegant polished. These looks for your New Year's Eve or Christmas party will tick all the boxes of fun and razzle-dazzle.  Sequin tops, dresses and skirts will be the life of any party this holiday and festive season. If it is a sophisticated cocktail dress for that special occasion or a fun designer party dress, the Versailles Dress will be the OMG of the party. Who does not love a sequin statement piece? Well, we do! The Sequin Aramis Skirt, the Aramis Sequin Top and the Winston Women's Vest will put the dazzle in the razzle. More Sequin Pieces> Whatever you decide to wear, have fun and make beautiful memories.
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As we say goodby to 2022 and hello 2023 I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a happy upcoming festive season. I sincerely hope it’s relaxing, sunny and filled with happiness and love and we want to thank you all for your incredible support this year ❤️  It’s always a pleasure to serve you and we love to play a small part in helping make you feel wonderful.  Wishing you the best!!!!

Thank you to Danilo & Damon who do their magic behind the scenes and the love & support of Nikita, Carla, Andrea, Lee-Anne & Rachel @the front 💯

Thank you Madam George for letting us shoot at your awesome restaurant 🍸 if you havn't been there we recommend !  The Cocktails & the food are equally awesome & so is the service!

Opening hours over the holiday period: as usual!  Only Stats are closed so pop down if it's raining and you can't go to the beach for an endorphin hit! Heappppps of star pieces have just landed.  Those forever ones you will wear to death!  Here are some of our favourites!......

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For those dreaming of their beach vacation and holiday drinks here are a few temptations you can order online to avoid this messy weather and yet get your last Christmas preparations done: 

Get excited about treats being delivered to your door 💯💥🎊

The 🎄Countdown has begun wo-hooooo!!!!

*ps everyone loves the spirit T - best xmas pressie idea with gift box wrap available.

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The newest Knuefermann print delivers a unique combination of cleverly interwoven green tones with an appealing architectural pattern, and the result is an effortlessly elegant vibe. There’s something utterly refreshing about the tones and soft draping that encapsulates the freedom and fun of summer.

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The simple design complements the exquisite and fashionably 1970s folk-themed hand embroidery. Growing up in Germany, Karla had an interest in what people were wearing from an early age and began to make her
 own clothes whilst still at school. A love of 'handarbeit' encompassed not just sewing but also knitting and embroidery, leading to training as a Home Sciences teacher. When the family moved to New Zealand, sewing again became a pleasure pursuit and provided inspiration for daughter, now fashion designer, Turet Knuefermann. Turet reflects, "My mother was constantly making exquisite pieces ... always unique & timelessly beautiful. She always looked immaculate every day, from morning till night, even if she was doing household chores ... everyone noticed, and all appreciated." Read more about the history of home sewing in the New Zealand Fashion Museum publication Home Sewn.
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